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Autumn is a time to get shopping and not just for coats and boots - As you find yourself staying in. stock up the larder and enjoy some cooking therapy - Fill up your freezer with soups, cakes and casseroles, then if you do get invited to jet off to the sun at least you know the family will  have plenty to eat!!!


220g gluten free oats
½ teaspoon table salt
160g dairy-free margarine
120g golden syrup
740g frozen berries
2 tablespoons whisky
60g caster sugar


Pre-heat oven 170c

In a saucepan mix oats, salt and diary-free margarine

On a low light mix together until the margarine has melted

Switch off the heat and stir in the golden syrup

In an oven-proof dish (24cm diameter) pour in your frozen berries

Sprinkle over the whisky and caster sugar

Over the top spread a thin layer of the flapjack mixture

Bake for approximately 30 minutes

JP’s Notes

Och aye the noo or however you spell it, this dessert is worth donning a kilt for, Dame VivienneWestwood of course!


So yummy

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